George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Each represents a heinous injustice.

Worse, they represent larger injustices where our justice system has fallen short of living up to the founding principles of our country.

America draws its strength from its ideals—especially those of equal rights—and, more fully embracing them offers a path forward.

But such a self-correction doesn’t just happen. It requires vigilance and leadership; uncomfortable conversations and action and change within our communities and our laws.

The Heal America network is an ongoing partnership for transformation. Unlikely allies, uncommon strategies and unusual results. We implement solutions that reduce barriers to change in urban communities.

Find yourself in the story.  Join a national community of healers and help us create pathways to advance change.  Participate in the conversation to bridge divides across differences and collaborate to leverage resources and produce tangible solutions.


Empower Communities

Stop violence by using core influencers that can champion peace and stability in hostile areas

Transform Criminal Justice

Improving police & community relations through cultural transformation and policy change

Collaborate Nationally

Building strong networks that can manage social capital and promote sustainable solutions