A Conversation on Bridging and Healing Racial Divides

Heal America: A Conversation on Bridging and Healing Racial Divides is being hosted in Pittsburgh, PA and powered by Stand Together Foundation and Urban Specialists.  This conversation will be moderated by Dr. Buster Soaries, Jr., Antong Lucky, and Leon Ford – prominent faces of the Heal America movement to fight racial injustice. Heal America will convene individual thought leaders, Influencers, politicians, business owners, activists, and cultural icons from diverse backgrounds to contribute and help advance working solutions.


Heal America brings together people of different backgrounds and perspectives to fight racial injustice with love and redemption. Grown from the Heal America Tour, a series of local events hosted by Urban Specialists in partnership with Stand Together, the community brings tools, resources, and solutions to local changemakers who dedicate their lives to eliminating injustice.

With the passing of Heal America’s founder Bishop Omar Jahwar in March 2021, Urban Specialists, Stand Together, and thousands of advocates committed to carrying forth his vision by expanding Heal America into a national movement for change.