Tools & Resources

Dallas, Texas

Urban Specialists 

We work to change the cultural environment of our communities in order to stop senseless violence. Through invading the most influential segments of Urban Culture, we intrude with actual alternative life experiences that transform and empower. 

Families Empowered

Find the right school for your kids. The school search process can be frustrating and confusing – but it doesn’t have to be. We exist so all families will have access to schools that work for them. Choose the school that is best for your child.


Interfaith Family Services

We empower families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty. You can’t build a life on unstable ground. That is why our first step is to eliminate the barriers that keep families in crisis from achieving stability. For families facing homelessness, we provide transitional housing. For families who are behind on their rent or have other serious financial issues, we provide low-interest loans. For parents who cannot attend interviews or start a new job because of lack of funds for childcare, we provide free childcare.


The WorkFaith Connection

The WorkFaith Connection's mission is to help people in transition build a new life through work and faith. WorkFaith is a Christ-centered organization that exists to encourage disadvantaged job seekers in their hope for a better future and to equip them with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead healthy, productive and spiritually rich lives.


Advocates for Community Transformation

We are a new model of ministry that uses the justice system to empower inner city residents to fight crime on their street, while sharing with them the hope of the gospel. Our vision is to see safe neighborhoods, where crime is no longer tolerated, and dignity and hope are restored.


Bonton Farms

Our community was, not so long ago, one of the last places you’d go to find hope for a better tomorrow. We started a garden in a small lot that has grown into two fully functioning farms and the Bonton Market. We grow organic food and hope for a better tomorrow, right in the Bonton community and on a separate 40-acre farm south of Dallas. We’re determined to grow the best-tasting, healthiest produce in the city while inspiring hope in everyone around us.


Café Momentum 

Café Momentum, a Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training facility, transforms young lives by equipping our community’s most at-risk youth with life skills, education and employment opportunities to help them achieve their full potential.


Dallas Life

Dallas LIFE is a place where homeless men, women and children can receive help and hope during their time of need. It is a path to recovery and self-sufficient living. Dallas LIFE is a promise that there is a way to begin again.


Education Opens Doors

Education Opens Doors was founded with the belief that all students deserve the opportunity to pursue their limitless potential. They have the right to understand the value of an education and how to access and attain all options available to them after high school.


Mercy Street

Mercy Street works in historically under-resourced communities where residents face specific obstacles and challenges through no fault of their own. We believe all people experience poverty, whether economic or spiritual. If “poverty is the absence of Shalom in all its meanings,” then we believe poverty in this sense of the word has manifested in Dallas and led to brokenness of relationships and an absence of peace.


Miles of Freedom

Our mission is to equip, empower, and employ individuals returning home from prison and provide support and assistance for families and communities impacted by Incarceration.


Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Mobile Loaves & Fishes is a social outreach ministry that has been empowering communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless since 1998.


Oasis Center

Oasis has a first-time youth offender program and works with several of the Dallas County Criminal Diversion Court Programs. Oasis operates under the belief that reentry begins at the time of arrest and not just post release from incarceration.



ProUnitas is on a mission to ensure every student has access to the right resources at the right time in order to be successful in school and beyond. We provide the planning, implementation support & technology tools for student support departments to become more integrated, efficient, and coordinated in connecting students to the village of resources available to them and aligned on student outcomes.


Attack Poverty

Our vision is to empower people to attack poverty in their life and community by strengthening under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization, and basic needs.


Behind Every Door

Behind Every Door seeks to transform poverty from the inside out through on-site programming and resource partnerships in underserved apartment communities.


The Concilio

Our mission is to build stronger communities by empowering parents to improve the education and health of their families. We serve families with students in the North Texas public school system regardless of race, ethnicity or language. We improve academic outcomes by motivating and preparing parents to take an active and supportive role in their children’s education. We accelerate healthy lifestyle changes in communities by educating families to make healthy choices and offering access to affordable resources that support long-term change.



We believe that women lift up the families and communities around them. When one woman succeeds, she places a step for the next generation to stand on. We also believe life has more twists than we could ever predict and sometimes the best way to move forward is to hear it from somebody who has been there. You set the goal. We’ll bring the courses, coaches and community to get you started.


Unlocking Doors

Unlocking Doors through its unique and nationally unduplicated "Reentry Brokerage/Predictive Trends" Model, and its coordinated and collaborative partnerships with numerous statewide agencies/community service providers and organizations (130 and counting), is building and routinizing the community-based reentry platform for Texas that will provide for a smooth and seamless transistion into society for all individuals with criminal backgrounds-whether coming directly from incarceration (TDCJ,BOP, etc) OR already residing within the community (both supervised and unsupervised). 

Recovery Resource Council

Recovery Resouce Council and The Council on Alchol & Drugs have merged. The new organization, Recovery Resource Council, becomes North Texas' largest non-residential non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, intervention and treatment of alcohol,substance use disorder and behavioral health issues.

Baylor Scott & White Health and Wellness Center at the Juanita J. Craft Recreation Center

As the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in Texas and one of the largest in the United States, Baylor Scott & White Health was born from the 2013 combination of Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White Healthcare. Today, Baylor Scott & White includes 48 hospitals, more than 800 patient care sites, more than 7,800 active physicians, over 47,000 employees and the Scott & White Health Plan. 

A Women Called Moses  

For nearly 16 years, Women Called Moses, under the leadership, vision and passion of founder Debra Nixon Bowles, has given wings to the hopes and dreams to thousands of women in the under-served communities in the southern sector of Dallas. As a business leader, mother, and survivor, Debra understands the spoken and unspoken needs, experiences, and aspirations of many women who find themselves stressed and navigating the unpredictable violent behaviors of their partners. 

Dallas County Community College  

DCCCD is one of the largest community college systems in the state. Since 1965, we have served more than 3 million people.The colleges of DCCCD work to ensure Dallas County is vibrant, growing and economically viable for future generations. In addition, we provide economic benefits to business, taxpayers and the community. 

KRNB - Smooth R&B 

KRNB is an urban adult contemporary-formatted radio station in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. It is owned by Service Broadcasting Corporation alongside its sister station KKDA-FM. Its studios are located in Arlington, Texas and the transmitter/antenna tower is located north of its city of license, Decatur, Texas.


In a world that is fixated on filters and quick fixes when it comes to beauty standards, Touch-N-Skin, the business co- owned and operated by Taylor & Saliymah teaches young women and men alike the true meaning of beauty. Taylor a licensed esthetician, since 2014, prides herself in providing services that promote healthy living as well as healthy food consumption, which in turn leads to healthy skin and emphasizes on natural beauty.

National Organizations

Living Room Conversations 

A Living Room Conversation is a simple way to heal divides. It is a conversational model developed by dialogue experts in order to facilitate connection between people despite their differences, and even identify areas of common ground  and shared understanding. Within this model, we have developed nearly 100 conversation guides on all sorts of topics that can otherwise be tense to talk about with friends, strangers, and even loved ones of differing backgrounds and political persuasions.

Better Angels

Better Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America. We try to understand the other side’s point of view, even if we don’t agree with it. We engage those we disagree with,  looking for common ground and ways to work together. We support principles that bring us together rather than divide us.

OGU Movement 

OGU is a 21-day experience that includes one day onsite and twenty-one days online of world-class training. OGU teaches individuals how to use their influence to make a positive impact on youth through mentorship, education, and economic opportunities.